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Frequently Asked Questions

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How It Works - Ketamine


Ketamine, a drug discovered in 1957, was later approved by the FDA for use in 1970 as a short acting general anesthetic. More recently, Ketamine has been repurposed at a lower dose to help treat patients suffering with psychiatric disorders such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, particularly those who have not responded to traditional methods of treatment. Over the past 15 years, a multitude of clinical trials have proven Ketamine to be a viable alternative to antidepressants.

In sub anesthetic doses, Ketamine produces antidepressant effects to patients suffering with psychiatric disorders, including PTSD, Depression and Anxiety. IV Ketamine treatments have been researched and shown highest efficacy among 6 IV infusions that occur over a 3–4-week span, each lasting approximately 60 minutes.

How It Works - Ketamine


Ketamine is best used in patients diagnosed with clinical depression, anxiety, PTSD or other treatment resistant psychiatric disorders who are looking for alternative symptom relief after lacking optimal results from conventional therapies.

The sensation is difficult to describe because everyone experiences Ketamine differently. Some say it's like a "floating" feeling, while others report euphoria and a sense of ease. It all depends on the dosage and your individual biology. What we do know is that Ketamine can provide relief for anxiety and depression symptoms in as little as 20 minutes–and some people report feeling better days after their first dose.

Although Ketamine can be administered through various means such as orally, intramuscularly, or intravenously. Each of these depend on the specific use and need for the medication being administered. With Pasithea, we choose between these methods and also offer intranasal Ketamine. Depending on the patient, we choose the safest and most effective method of administration for treating your psychiatric condition. 

Our Ketamine treatment can provide relief within minutes, and most patients feel the results within a few days. If you are looking for an effective treatment for your anxiety or depression, our Ketamine treatment may be right for you.

How It Works - The Treatment

For each patient, the program will consist of Five Phases

How It Works - The Treatment

What is a maintenance treatments?

In some cases, patients must undergo a maintenance dose in order to ensure the continual lasting anti-depressant effects of IV Ketamine therapy. This can vary from monthly to quarterly treatments depending on one’s specific response to the treatment. Our team psychiatrist will be following up periodically to assess how you are feeling and will tailor a maintenance program for your specific needs if necessary. 

Safety Apprehension

Patients should not operate machinery, drive or do any activity which requires full alertness until one day after treatment and with a night of restful sleep.

How It Works - The Treatment

More Questions

Ketamine is used daily in hospitals and is a commonly used anaesthetic agent. Over the last half century, doctors have discovered multiple uses for Ketamine in treating mental health conditions. Ketamine is completely legal when prescribed for you at Pasithea clinics.

Ketamine can be given while taking most medications and it is expected for you to continue with your ongoing treatment. Our in-house psychiatrist will review any medical history, advise on changes if needed before starting Ketamine treatment & advise about reducing / stopping any medications following your consultation.

Due to Ketamine being used as an off-label medication it is not yet covered by insurance providers, however Spravato, Esketamine nasal spray is covered by some insurers. 

  • Healix have confirmed that they will fund Spravato for their insured members (in line with patient policy) 
  • Vitality  have confirmed that they will fund Spravato for their members (in line with patient policy) 
  • WPA do not fund Spravato routinely, however have advised that they review and approve on a case by case basis.


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