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We provide innovative IV therapy for Treatment Resistant Depression and PTSD at our clinics

Who are we?

Dr Antonio Metastasio, MD, MSc,
MSt (Cantab), MRCPSych


Dr Antonio Metastasio is a Medical Doctor and a Consultant Psychiatrist. Dr Metastasio has significant experience as a psychiatrist both in the NHS and in the independent sector.


Dr. Yassine Bendiabdallah,
Mpharm, PhD, IP, ABAAHP


Dr Yassine Bendiabdallah is a Functional Medicine Specialist and an expert in Bio- identical Hormone therapy.


Mr. Hassan Almuaathen,


Mr Hassan Almuaathen (MPharm) is a director and co-founder of Zen. He has qualified as a pharmacist in 2011 and has since managed one of the busiest most exclusive pharmacies in London.

What happens next?


We begin with an in-person or video consultation, scheduled at your convenience, with our expert psychiatric team. This determines your eligibility for treatment, and a bespoke treatment plan is formulated, tailored to you


Appropriate candidates are then assisted in scheduling their IV treatment sessions with our patient liaison team. Most patients are provided with a six-treatment protocol, which is completed within 2-3 weeks, overseen by our anaesthetic lead, and administered by our experienced nurse team


Treatment is performed in one of our three locations, and a follow-ups with our psychiatrist will be added to your bespoke treatment plan

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