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Treatments are operated under ZEN (Purecare) CQC registration

About Us

Innovative And Effective Treatments

At Pasithea Clinics we are driven by the mission to provide cutting edge and results-driven treatments to our patients suffering with psychiatric disorders through interventional therapies, backed by leading scientific research and data.

Treatment Overview

Our Path To Recovery

Pasithea’s Therapeutic Treatment is a new, cutting edge treatment for anxiety. 

Therapeutic Treatment has been shown to be incredibly effective in treating depression and anxiety. 

Anxiety is the leading mental health condition in the United Kingdom, affecting more than 8 million adults. 

Do not suffer any longer- get the help you need today.

Our Treatment

How We Can Help You

Therapeutic Treatment is done in the comfort of our clinic – so you can relax and focus on getting better. You will receive personalised care from our team of experts, who will work with you to create an anxiety treatment plan that meets your needs.


How We've Helped others

Join the many that have found their path to healing with Therapeutic Treatment for anxiety.

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