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Our Treatment

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IV Ketamine Infusion

At Pasithea, we strive to leverage new approaches and treatments to tackle mental health disorders. Backed by research and science, Pasithea uses only the highest standard of care to provide innovative & affective treatments to help our patients heal from their psychiatric disorders. Our goal is to help our patients enjoy their lives to their fullest!

With high levels of efficacy, and the exponential advantages compared to conventional treatments for depression, PTSD and other mental health disorders, we chose IV Ketamine infusions as our first treatment to provide to our patients.

Who Is Eligible To Receive Our IV Ketamine Treatment

Patients Must

Normally you should NOT take Ketamine if you have

Severe high blood pressure

Recent history of epilepsy

Current or previous history of psychosis

History of drug or medication induced manic episodes

Current use of recreational drugs

Are pregnant, breast feeding, undergoing IVF or trying to conceive

Raised pressure inside the eye (glaucoma)

Our Treatments

Why IV Ketamine With Pasithea?

Pasithea IV Ketamine treatment vs Other Ketamine IV providers vs Oral Ketamine providers

Pasithea Other At Home Treatments Oral Ketamine Treatments


Anesthesiologist +
registered nurse
Physician Medical assistant
Patient self treatment


Continuous EKG and vitals
monitor used


Rescue medication, and 2 fully
equipped medical professional
on hand. Infusion can be topped
at anytime if side effects occur.
Only one set of hands available
and rescue medication not
always on hand. Infusion
can be stopped at anytime if
side effects occur.
None. Once ingested there are no
ways to manage potential side
effects or stop treatment