Our Team

Dr. Filippo Passetti

Leading Psychiatrist

Dr Antonio Metastasio, MD, MSc, MSt (Cantab), MRCPSych


Dr Antonio Metastasio is a Medical Doctor and a Consultant Psychiatrist. Dr Metastasio has significant experience as a psychiatrist both in the NHS and in the independent sector.

Dr Metastasio graduated Magna cum Laude at the University of Perugia Italy and subsequently earned two Masters degree at the King’s College London (Neuroscience) and at the University of Cambridge (Genomic Medicine). He trained in Geriatric Medicine in Italy and in Psychiatry in the United Kingdom becoming member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Dr Metastasio has a special interest in emerging treatments and in personalised medicine. Dr Metastasio has also been acting as an advisor in Personalised medicine start-ups and has been involved in cutting edge research and clinical trials. Dr Metastasio has a special interest in rapid acting antidepressants, cognitive and in creativity enhancers. He has published extensively in the field of affective disorders, addictions, cognitive impairment and innovative treatments.

In his spare time Antonio enjoys travelling, reading, Opera, watching films, cooking and also playing with his two children.

Dr. Yassine Bendiabdallah, Mpharm, PhD, IP, ABAAHP


Dr Yassine Bendiabdallah is a Functional Medicine Specialist and an expert in Bio- identical Hormone therapy.

His previous academic degree as an anticancer research scientist at the Cancer Research UK at University College London has earned him various distinctions and publications in peer-reviewed academic journals. His clinical interests include functional approaches to mitochondrial rejuvenation, nutritional optimisation and treating cellular dysfunctions. Yassine co-founded and is the MD of Zen Healthcare comprising a medical clinic, a health and wellness centre and a pharmacy in several locations in London including Knightsbridge, Baker Street and Holborn.

Mr. Hassan Almuaathen, MPharm


Mr Hassan Almuaathen (MPharm) is a director and co-founder of Zen. He has qualified as a pharmacist in 2011 and has since managed one of the busiest most exclusive pharmacies in London. His interests include functional medicine and genetic health advances.