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We provide Ketamine infusion for Treatment Resistant Depression and PTSD at our clinics.

Psychiatric Consultation

We begin with a video consultation, scheduled at your convenience, with a team of psychiatrists. During this appointment, our psychiatrists will determine if Ketamine treatment is appropriate for you. In addition to this, our team will ascertain the total number of sessions required, which will be tailored to your needs and goals in order to achieve the best outcomes.


Appropriate candidates will be assisted in scheduling IV Ketamine treatment sessions with our outstanding network of anaesthesiologists and certified nurse anaesthetists, who will provide you with safe and effective IV Ketamine treatments in one of our clinics. Most patients are provided with a six-treatment protocol, which should be completed within 2-3 weeks.

IV Ketamine Treatment

After your last IV Ketamine treatment, a video follow-up consultation will be scheduled with our psychiatric team. During this final session, you will have the chance to assess how IV Ketamine benefitted you.

How our program works

Under the Supervision of a Clinician

Unlike other antidepressants, Ketamine is not well-absorbed when taken by mouth and so it is administered intravenously, under the supervision of a clinician. Thus, during treatment, a cannula will be inserted into your vein and you will receive a slow infusion of Ketamine over 40 minutes. A clinician will be with you throughout the infusion, and you will remain under observation until the acute effects have worn off. Typically, these sessions will be twice a week for three weeks. Each session will last approximately two hours in total.

Your experience

During a session, you will experience a degree of sedation or sleepiness, and a degree of dissociation, i.e. any of a number of experiences, such as feeling detached from reality, feeling in a dream-like state or seeing things move more slowly than usual. Dissociative experiences may feel positive or negative. A clinician will be with you while you experience these effects and you will remain at the clinic until they have worn off and you are safe to return home.

Impact of treatment

To minimise the potential impact of sedation and dissociation, you should abstain from drinking alcohol during the course of your treatment. In addition, you are advised not to drive, operate machinery or do anything else that requires your full alertness, until the day after a Ketamine session and after a period of restful sleep.

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